You can find anything you might be looking for and more in İstanbul, where people from all wallks of lifelive together in the tremendous hustle and bustle:
The mystery of the East and the practicality of the West.

Sultanahmet is prime tourist territory and is subsequently well supplied with tacky souvenir stores and pushy carpet sellers who know that first-time visitors are particularly impressed by the offer of a small glass of synthetic apple tea. The best place to shop is in and around the Spice Market near the Galata Bridge, where there are both interesting products and reasonable prices. An entirely different side to Istanbul can be found among the smart boutiques of Nişantaşı and Teşvikiye, about a mile north of Taksim.

Tepe Nautilus
Tepe Nautilus which is built on an area of 170 thousand meter squares has become the center of attraction of the Anatolian side in a short time. There are 8 VIP cinema rooms in this chopping center which also has 130 shops and a smart parking lot for 2700 vehicles. It also has a bowling room, Sports International, 16 cafes, fast food restaurant and restaurant which offers a rich cuisine. Fatih Caddesi No: 1 Acıbadem Tel: 0 216 339 39 29

Profilo Shopping Center which was formed upon the restoration of the Profilo building provides all the shopping traffic of Mecidiyeköy. It offers its visitors an enjoyable time with its 7 cinema rooms, 20-gutter bowling room, pool room of 16 tables, free parking lot for 1500 vehicles, sports club with a closed swimming pool and PAM Children’s Club. Different tastes of world food are also offered with fast food restaurants, cafes and restaurants from Turkish, Chinese, Italian, French and American cuisine. Profilo Shopping Center, where many
plays and shows are presented both on weekdays and at the weekend, also aims to become the center of “culture and art”. Cemal Sahir Cad. No: 26-28
Mecidiyeköy Tel: 0212 216 44 00

Olivium Center
Prof.Dr. Muammer Aksoy Cad. No:1/1 Zeytinburnu Tel : 0212 547 74 53 (pbx)

There are 180 local and foreign shops inside the complex which
comprises of 4 floors. Capacity seems to sustain its property of being the center of attraction in Bakırköy in the future.
Zeytinlik Mah. Fişekhane Cad. 62  Tel: 0212 – 661 67 05

Metrocity whose transportation is facilitated with a direct subway connection which can rarely be seen all around the world and which is very good looking with its architecture is in the 1st Levent. Metrocity which hosts 140 shops, restaurants and cafes is open everyday between 10:00 and 22:00 O’clock.

Büyükdere Cad. No.171 1.Levent  Tel: 0212 344 06 60
Sahilyolu Ataköy Tel: 0212 559 95 60

The number of daily visitors of Carousel, which was opened in 1995, is about 50 thousand. It is estimated that the annual number of visitors reach 18 million people.
Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil Cad. No:1 Bakırkoy Tel: 0212 570 84 34

Mayadrom in Etiler is the favorite of elite people. It has two cinema rooms for 55 and 65 people respectively. It answers all needs from clothing trademarks that will approach your privileged delights in a different way to private gifts for your beloved ones and from cinema to books as well as world cuisine.
Yıldırım Göker Cad. Akatlar-Etiler  Tel: 0212 352 31 22

FLYINN is one of the most important stops of daily life in a short period of time and it is next to the Atatürk Airport at Florya which is Turkey’s opening door to the world. FLYINN offers not only shopping, but also as a popular meeting place, it suggests the advantages of a constant site of entertainment, culture-art activities, celebrations and special days.
Harman Sok. No:48 Florya Tel : 0212 573 75 75

Doğuş Power Center
Each store at Doğuş Power Center has an attraction force of its own. This magnificent living space is composed of 2 shopping, 2 car park and 1 restaurant floors.
Maslak Mah. G-45 Ahi Evren – Polaris Cad. No: 4 Maslak Tel : 0212 328 00 48

Town Center Shopping Center
Town Center was taken over by Ece Turkey Project Management in 2005. Ece Turkey Project Management is active in important cities of Turkey as Istanbul and also 14 different countries around the world. İncirli Cad. No: 11 Bakırköy Tel: 0212 466 07 70

Akmerkez which was elected “the best shopping center of Europe” in 1995 is built on an area of 180 thousand meter squares with its parking lot for 1,500 vehicles and 41 escalators as well as 30 lifts. A modern life center is established in Akmerkez where 246 elite shops of women’s-men’s-children’s  textile, optics, jewelry, souvenirs, shoe shining, cinema room, per shops, fastfood restaurants and supermarkets take place.  Nispetiye Cad. Ulus, Etiler İstanbul Tel: 0212 282 01 70

Capitol which was opened in 1993 Capitol,has become one of the first “lifestyle centers” of the Anatolian side of İstanbul. There are 15 cinema rooms in Capitol which hosts the first and biggest cinema complex of Turkey. Capitol, which literally smiles to its visitors with its renewed face also hosts giant chain trademarks.
Mahir İz Cad. Altunizade Tel: 0216 391 19 20

Kanyon was designed as a place that highlights high life standards. Kanyon comprises of 4 floors. It offers service with 160 shops, 9 cinema rooms, healthcare and sports clubs and a parking lot of 2300 vehicles. There is a reality about Kanyon; the best trademarks, gourmet restaurants, cafes and cinemas of the world and Turkey are in Kanyon. The atmosphere was shaped with water, green areas and natural materials in Kanyon which was designed to offer the joy of shopping outdoors. The walking platforms are heated in winter…

Forum İstanbul
With a total construction area of 495.000 square meters in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul, Forum Istanbul is not only the biggest shopping center of Turkey, but also the biggest shopping center of Europe with a rentable area of 176.380 square meters, and 292 national and international brands.
Hosting IKEA, the leader home decoration, Koçtaş, one of the biggest construction markets of Turkey; broad technology area including the brands such as Media Markt, Teknosa, and Bimeks; and several sports brands including Intersport, Adidas, Nike and the French sports store Decathlon, Forum Istanbul is a center of attraction preferred by the visitors from Istanbul and outside of Istanbul with its big stores like H&M, Boyner, YKM, C&A, Marks&Spencer, and Zara, as well as rich mother-baby and kids stores mix, food court and restaurants.
In addition to its rich category and store mix, Forum Istanbul hosts Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium with Europe’s biggest shark family, the first theme park Jurassic Land  and the first and only Legoland Discovery Centre of the region.In addition to big and special entertainment areas, Forum Istanbul also offers 10 separate entertainment concepts together including the Cinemaximum Movie Theaters, Funlab Entertainment World, Atlantis Bowling, Tiox Entertainment Center, Flyride Helicopter Tour Simulation, Sihirlli Eller kids’ club, and Kum Kalesi playground.
Leading the way for a brand new life in Istanbul with its store mix, events, architecture, and artworks, Forum Istanbul Shopping and Life Center is located at the junction of E5 and TEM highways, on the new metro lines, and only 25 minutes to the Atatürk Airport, thus it offers a comfortable transportation and shopping atmosphere for not only Istanbul citizens, but also for the local and foreign visitors visiting Istanbul.
Kocatepe Mah. Paşa Cd. Bayrampaşa P: 0212 443 13 50

İstanbul Akvaryum
Istanbul Akvaryum presents entertaining offers for families, who are willing to set on an adventure and experience a different weekend with family after suffocated from confusion of the city. Visitors, at world’s largest thematic aquarium, can visit on a route that is formed by 17 theme and 1 rain forest from Black Sea to Pacific by following geographical route; they can also receive detailed information about cultural, geographical, historical and architectural characteristics of such area. Guests, who are willing to swim with 1500 living creature in150 different types and to see the giant sharks closely, experience unforgettable moments at the depths of aquarium accompanied by specialists.

Mall of İstanbul
• Turkey’s greatest mixed use Project Mall of Istanbul located on the intersection joining TEM Highway with Ataturk Airport.
• Mall of İstanbul includes The Residence with 1081 flats on an area of 121,426 m2, The Office with 180 offices on an area of 34,241 m2, and Mall of Istanbul with 350 stores on a leasable area of 180,000 m2. The project works of The Hotel as the second phase of the project will be completed on third quarter of 2016.
• Mall of Istanbul brings together different artistic, cultural and social functions which are MOIPARK as the biggest indoor and themed amusement park of Turkey, Gusto MOI with gourmet tastes, MOI Stage with the capacity of 710 seats, CINETECH with 16 theatre halls and the capacity of 3000 seats, Ottomanya the interactive Museum and MOI Art Gallery.
Aqua Florya, Shopping Centre, Through Which Sea Passes!
Aqua Florya, first and only seafront shopping centre of Istanbul, brings very different shopping pleasure. Shopping pleasure is experienced with sea atmosphere together with Aqua Florya, which offers shopping, entertainment, culture and art activities to its guests with prestigious 140 different Turkish and world brands, seafront food-beverage areas, outdoor stage, exhibition areas and movie theatres. Aqua Florya, which is referred as meeting point of Istanbul with the rest of the world through proximity to airport; hosts world famous brands such as Beymen, Arzu Kaprol, Adolfo Dominguez, Gizia, Cerruti 1881, B&G Store.
People, who are willing to experience food please at seafront, prefers cafe and restaurants such as Walk in 29, Kitchenette, Tribeca, Big Chef’s, Midpoint, Pelit and Starbucks through ”Aqua Beach”. Outdoor stage Aqua Stage brings its guests together with the culture and art with culture-art events.
Aqua Florya also provides free wheelchair and valet services also handicapped park area for handicapped visitors.
Şenlikköy Mahallesi Yeşilköy Halkalı Cad. No: 93  Florya – İstanbul  P: 444 9744 PBX  F: +90 212 574 21 35