January 15-30

Cinema / Contemporary Serbian Cinema / Akbank Sanat

Akbank Art will be hosting 5 Serbian movies with the contribution of the Serbian Film Center on between 15-30 January. The following films will be screened in Turkish subtitles:

15.01 A Good Wife / Dobra Zena

18.01 – Bandits Calling Their Mothers / Banditi Potrazi Za Mamom

25.01 – Lamentation for Miss J / Rekvijemza Gospodju J

29.01 – Train Engineer’s Day / Dnevnik Masinovodje

30.01 – World Champions Will Be / Bićemo Prvaci Sveta

January 16 Concert / Nes / Akbank Sanat

nes - istanbul ocak ayı etkinlikleri

Three international musicians Nesrine Belmokh, Matthieu Saglio, David Gadea; invites you to jazz to classical music, soul music and Arab traditional music. Ethnic music lovers will have a chance to experience a different and budget friendly concert

January 17Musical / Hunchback of Notre Dame / Trump Culture and Show Center

The immortal work of Victor Hugo; Müzik Notre Dame - Quasimodo Musical ”is a musical that gives sections from the dark days of France. If you want to watch the love story of Quasimodo and Esmeralda accompanied by musical analysis, you can get your tickets for the evening of 17 January.

January 18Workshop / Cheesecakes / Culinary Arts Academy

cheesecakeler - istanbul etkinlik rehberi - ocak 2019

MSA Workshop kitchen is welcomed the world of cheesecake. MSA is preparing to review all the tips for the right consistency and the right flavor. Brownie-based apple puree cheesecake in workshop, Lime and drop gummy cheesecake, Tiramisu cheesecake to be made.

 January 19Concert/ Parra for Cuva / Babylon

Parra for Cuva

Parra for Cuva, one of the talented names of the Berlin electronic music scene, will be in Istanbul on the evening of 19 January. Nicolas Janco,  with his unique melodies blending House elements with downtempo, classical and jazz piano compositions

Jaunary 20

Concert/ Haggard/ IF Performance Hall Beşiktaş

haggard - istanbul ocak ayı etkinlik takvimi

The German-based band promises classic and rock / metal music lovers a fantastic night. Haggard, who listens to his music on a journey in the Middle World geography, will be on stage on January 20 with a staff of 14 people.

January 9

Concert / Cappella Gabetta- Andres Gabetta- Avi Avital / İş Sanat Concert Hall

Oyun / Helikon / Istanbul İstanbul Oyuncak Müzesi

Avi Avital - Cappella Gabetta
Avi Avital – Cappella Gabetta
Are you ready for an exquisite auditory feast of mandolin and violin? Avi Avital’a Vivaldi, Bach, Tsintsadze and Bartok Cappella Gabetta known for his creative interpretations will interpret the work. Andres Gabetta is the chief of the duo. Israeli artist Avi Avital with Avital Meets Avital, Avital brings the delight of mandolin to classical music. Look at the taste of this interesting mixture.
Another activity is at the Istanbul Oyunca Müzesi, which takes you on a journey as soon as you walk around! The museum will host on Helikon on in January. Helikon winks the toys of the 1950s with a one-act immersive theater experience covering the entire mansion. Event tickets are available below:

Thursday 10 January

Stand-Up / Ata Demirer Casino / BKM

Ata Demirer’s one-man show inos Ata Demirer Gazinosu göster will be on stage at the Beşiktaş Cultural Center with its wide repertoire orchestra. Music filled with stories, laughs laughter winter cold with Ata Demirer’s comedy performance.

Friday, January 11

Concert / Sertap Erener / Dorock XL Beşiktaş

sertap erener - istanbul ocak konserleri
sertap erener – concerts in istanbul
Sertap Erener, the legendary name of Turkish music, will fill the Dorock XL stage with his most popular songs on the evening of January 11th. Her latest album  Kırık Kalpler  (Album of a Broken Hearts) and our hearts are broken with hearts. In 2018, she has conquered our hearts with “Belki de Dönerim”. Event tickets are available below: