Istanbul, with its numerous hospitals accredited to international health care providers, is considered as the health tourism capital.


A patient who comes to Istanbul, the favorite of the health tourism of the past decades, both tours the historic city by being accommodated with traditional Turkish hospitality and returns to his country after regaining his health with a high quality service as well.

İstanbul, where is established at the confluence of Asia and Europe on the historical Silk Road, had been an important trading center and a point where cultures met for centuries. This city which was the capital of three empires and which attracted people’s interest in each period, is still among the most visited destinations in the world today. It is a real emerging in recent years that the sector going forward recently and called as “health tourism” contributed significantly to this increasing interest as well as the city’s historical values and geographical beauty.
Turkey made significant investments on health under the social security programs for a long time. Restructuring was made in public hospitals, their infrastructures were equipped with the technology of the age. By encouraging the establishment of private hospitals, so many high Standard and fully equipped hospitals were gained to the country. An educated medical staff were trained at all the levels of the sectoral need by giving emphasis on health training from vocational schools to universities.
New investments and government grant increased the quality of the health services in the country, allowed the usage of the latest treatment techniques by disseminating innovative medical technologies. Indeed, “Patient Beyond Borders”, an institution which is one of the leading reference sources in the field of health tourism, declared this truth in its report published. In the report written in the end of the research it made with doctors and foreign patients in Turkey, it was included that it had been possible to receive health service about all branches of medicine in Turkey alongside worldwide care services, even at the lower price level than in Europe and USA.

Health tourism capital
In Turkey, which became one of the countries giving qualified health service with the best opportunities in the world in the end of these studies about health continued for many years, many large health care providers are located in Istanbul which is the most important tourism region.  These health care providers are organized as supplying  “service from a single point” approach to cover all stages from the date of demand for foreigners until the date of departure of the patient; and the hospital staff are located on a position to give service from the first consultations to the air ticket booking.
Istanbul, already attracting the visitors with its history, culture, natural beauty and kitchen, collects the attention on by being a city which accommodated its visitors by reflecting the Turkish hospitality to the field of health. In fact, the patient who came for health tourism not only regains his health but also has the opportunity to jaunt this historical city by all his needs were being dealt. The sheer number of accredited hospitals in the city and the quality diversity and service sustained for a long time entails Istanbul to be referred as “the capital of health tourism”.
Being controlled
Patients diagnosed in medical terms can find many applications in Turkey from bone marrow transplant to vitro fertilization. It is possible to count cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, genetic testing, neurological surgery, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, aesthetics, hair transplantation, eye and dentistry as the other leading fields.
The hospitals in the country generally cooperate with the prestigious institutions of USA like Harvard Medical International in Boston, Johns Hopkins Medicine International in Baltimore and Mayo Clinic in Minnesota,  Rochester.
The hospitals working in accordance with international standards by appertaining to international health organizations which realize health tourism, are controlled regularly by these institutions.
Health tourism is not performed by a patient receiving only health service in another country. Since he was in a foreign country, primarily his language problem was solved and all his problems were dealt. The patient is delivered to its country after being welcomed at the airport and treated. Because of this, package programs are created by agreeing with hospital travel agents giving health tourism service and with Airlines. The service, transportation, lodging and agents are included in business. For example, showing around a patient who had come for hip fractures treatment and his relative requires a very different and complicated service than showing around a tourist.

Spa and thermae
Turkey which has a very important geographical position, has nearly two thousand thermal and hot spring sources. These places takes the attraction of people who take care of health issues and consider his personal care with applications such as check-ups, medical inspections and spa treatments. Besides, Turkey is in the position of a natural care center which attracts so many tourists with its features like thermal spa facilities and mud baths. The country three sides of which are surrounded by sea outshines with its many other features such as its clean sea water, its wealth of natural plant and  the fact that experiencing the four seasons at the same time.
Seawater-based therapies help the body absorb essential minerals through the skin. Luxuriate and rejuvenate with a body wrap, soft pack, jet shower, or relax in the Thalasso pool.
Thalassotherapy is a rediscovered spa treatment based on an ancient belief in the healing properties of seawater. The word appeared in France from the Greek “Thalassa”, that means sea and “therapeia” meaning healing.Today, thalassotherapy is used as an alternative treatment for medical conditions and has become a popular tourist attraction for stress reduction and relaxation, as well as a favourite method of anti-aging healing by maintaining healthy circulation in the body.
During the 20th century, scientific studies were able to prove sea water’s effective therapeutic qualities. Thalassotherapy also offers specific programs such as weight loss, anti-stress,
leg fatigue as well as holistic and cosmetic treatments.

İstanbul is nearer
As well as providing transportation advantage with short flights from a lot of regions of the world to Istanbul which is located in the center of the Eastern and Western world, it also provides the opportunity to give service to the Americans, Western Europeans, Eastern Europeans, Middle Easterns and Central Asians with the ease of transportation brought by the flights of the Turkish Airlines to every place in the world.
Traveling to Istanbul rather than Eastern Asia countries which takes a long flight time is shorter especially for patients who look for health service  s in USA and Canada.
Turkish Airlines also performs international and domestic flights to the cities where major health care providers in Turkey were located.
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Hair transplantation 
Istanbul Health Travel provides a successful surgery at affordable costs with skilled and specialized cosmetic surgeons who complete the treatment with
FUE Technique. Our many qualified clinical doctors and nursing staff all can speak multiple languages that are responsible for attracting foreign patients towards the clinics and helping them during the stay in Turkey.
Facial hair  (beard & mustache) transplantation
Facial hair transplant is a procedure generally done on the men who suffer from spotty or patchy loss of hair from goatee, other parts of the beard, sideburns or moustache. The absence of hair could be hereditary or due to surgical scars, burns or other types of accidents.
For some males, keeping a thick beard or moustache is a symbol of manhood and strength, while for others it is mandatory requirement in their religion. Moreover, it is also a fashion statement among many young men.


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